Do you have a neurologic or health condition that has affected your ability to do the activities and exercise you once enjoyed?

NeuroFit provides actionable steps through personalized programs to ENJOY exercise and improve your health.

You will see how fun and impactful more activity can be on your life, no matter what level of fitness you start!

You can reach better health and independence when you have a coach, mentor and guide.

Fitness and wellness programs designed for the individual

With NeuroFit, you exercise where you feel comfortable – in your home and it’s surroundings, outdoors in natural settings like parks, trails or your favorite place of interest. Adapted sports and games are encouraged! Results are achieved safely, literally step by step! We spend one on one time getting to know one another. Together, we find how exercise can be most enjoyable and meaningful to you!

NeuroFit services are not limited to Physical Therapy, but a partnership with you in a comprehensive exercise and fitness based program that will empower your health and confidence. In Fall 2023, I will be accepting Medicare for skilled Physical Therapy services!

NeuroFit is innovative and progressive by giving you actionable steps to prevent complications and improve overall wellbeing. It refocuses exercise as a meaningful, enjoyable experience with beneficial health and wellness outcomes that positively impact your emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual states as well.

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About NeuroFit's Personalized Journey Programs

NeuroFit’s 4-6 week programs begin with an in-depth interview and fitness assessment, paying careful attention to any neurologic diseases and health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. We have conversations of why, what, when and where you like to exercise or better said, to have joy moving again!  Each program is carefully paced for your current physical conditioning and monitors your perception of the exercise.

You will see how fun and impactful more activity can be on your life, no matter what level of fitness you start!

Your journey is a personalized 4-6 week program that is tailored to your goals, and includes...

I can help you if you're...

willing to take meaningful steps to make positive changes

committed to open reflection and dialogue with me and your care partners

excited to see your potential and go beyond what you expected.



6 week program
3 sessions per week



6 week program
2 sessions per week



4 week program
2 sessions per week

Let me introduce myself! I'm Lisa Viscuso...

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Board Certified in Neurologic Physical Therapy
Certified Brain Injury Specialist

Lisa ViscusoI’m here to bring joy to your movement again! During my 30 year career as a Physical Therapist, I have found my greatest fulfillment in helping people achieve better quality of life when an adverse health event has occurred. I have the trained eye to see the entire picture of what a person experiences in healthcare and how to address those ups and downs experienced in a compassionate, supportive way. I have provided Physical Therapy in acute and rehabilitation hospitals and outpatient clinics for adults in many age ranges, health statuses and abilities. I advocate for persons with disabilities who need help navigating the maze of insurance and available programs to improve their quality of life.

Some people use equipment like canes, walkers, rollators, braces, wheelchairs, lifts or adapted sports equipment but that should not exclude you from moving your body every day. I have learned the challenges through personal experiences navigating the health care system and advocating for myself and my family.

I have the knowledge and experience to safely guide, monitor and lead you to the highest range beyond what you may have been doing. And exercise is much more enjoyable with a partner!

NeuroFit became reality as I saw a need for people who wanted to be physically fit but didn’t feel comfortable in a gym or felt unsure of how to get active with a new or longstanding physical limitation. They may have outgrown or grown bored with their specific home exercise program. Their family and care partners may want to help but it’s not their preferred role.

A person using crutches, a person in a wheelchair, and a person using a walker admire a beautiful sunset

I believe in listening and hearing what you are saying. Time spent getting to know a person is quality time to me.

NeuroFit Can Help You Bring Joy Back to Your Movement!

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